SNRE GreenBox®

S.N.R.E. brings to you SNRE GreenBox®, a unique, flexi balloon digester-based food waste processing plant which is custom designed to suit your waste and available space requirements. SNRE GreenBox® is designed to process waste under ANAEROBIC conditions where Anaerobic Bacteria feed on food waste and convert it into Biogas and liquid slurry compost in absence of air.

Advantages of SNRE GreenBox®

  • Unique and easy to install
  • Quick installation time of less than 5 hours
  • Custom designed to suit waste capacity from 1 Kg to 500 kgs
  • Modular construction allows for capacity increase on the fly
  • Superior aesthetics
  •  Quick payback period of 3-4 years
  • 1 year free support and service on all models

SNRE GreenBox® can be used in

  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Corporate mess and public eating areas
  • Schools, colleges and universities kitchens
  • Apartment complexes and residential areas
  • Individual homes
  • Hospitals
  • Defense Canteens and Mess