SNRE Masonry Construction Floating Iron Dome KVIC Model

To promote Biogas generation and use as source of de-centralized source of power generation, Government of India provides CFA (Central Financial Assistance) to Biogas based electricity generation plants. However, one of the main clause in getting this subsidy is that the Biogas plant should be immovable for a lock-in period of 10 years.

SNRE Masonry Construction Floating Iron Dome KVIC Models fills this need perfectly. Backed by more than 17 years of experience in Construction Industry and experienced in-house team of civil engineers, project managers and contractors, Sai Nath Renewable Energy is perfectly poised to deliver electricity generation solutions ranging from 10 KW to 1 MW capacity. We offer complete range of End-2-End activities ranging from plant design, construction, erection, commissioning and maintenance for hassle free ownership experience.

In addition to Electricity generation, Sai Nath Renewable Energy has the capability of providing Bio-CNG Bottling solutions with >90% pure Methane. Bottled Methane can be used to replace LPG with similar burning characteristics at a lower price thus providing excellent opportunity for savings!

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